Christmas Weekend Getaway

Travel Date22 Dec'23

Delhi To Pushkar

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Christmas Theme


Getaway Details

Padharo Mhare Des Re! Embrace the spirit of Christmas with a soul-enriching weekend retreat to the enchanting land of Pushkar.

Why Pushkar, you ask? Well, because Santa himself reached out to us, tired of the usual snowy scenes, and declared, "I want a change this Christmas." Naturally, we couldn't resist making it happen and chose this hidden gem.

So here we are, extending an invitation to 50 beautiful souls to join us and meet the Bondfire Santa in Pushkar. The Santa has curated a myriad of Christmas surprises for each one of you embarking on this weekend getaway.

Trust us, you won't be able to stop yourself from exclaiming, "WOW! Why the F*** did I not experience this before?"

Disclaimer: This isn't just a typical sightseeing escapade; it's a matured getaway offering meaningful connections, self-reflection opportunities, community activities, live artist performances, the sacred 'Holy Bondfire' night, and much more.

Here's a glimpse of the getaway schedule:

Day 0: Embark on the journey at night from Delhi on the 22nd of December with 49 like-minded individuals. For the introverts, fret not; we have ice-breaking activities to help you step out of your comfort zone and connect with the person next to you.

Day 1: Arrive in Pushkar early morning, relish a hearty breakfast, and engage in thoughtful community activities. The luxurious resort, nestled in nature, awaits, offering a poolside haven for you to connect with new friends – perhaps even finding potential soulmates.

Day 2: Rise early for a meditation and mindfulness session by the serene Pushkar lake. Live artist performances will grace the resort during the day. As night falls, gather around the 'Holy Bondfire' for soulful music, dance, and meaningful activities. Share vulnerabilities, release suppressed emotions — an unforgettable night awaits. Bondfire Santa has exclusive surprises for all.

Day 3: Embark on a short plateau trek, relish a bird's-eye view of the region, savor a mesmerizing desert safari, and witness the breathtaking desert sunset. Leave for Delhi by 7 pm.

Your mind, your soul, your body – your entire being will find peace after this weekend escapade!

Your dream getaway is just a click away — book your seat now! Padharo Mhare weekend getaway re :)

Key Benefits

  • Comfortable Volvo Transportation
  • Exquisite Resort Accommodation
  • Daily Indulgence in 3 Delectable Buffet Meals with Afternoon Tea
  • Engaging in thoughtful Activities
  • Thrilling Desert Safari Experience
  • Introspective Moments at the Plateau, Lakeside, and Desert
  • Soul-stirring Live Performances
  • An Enchanting Bonfire Night (The Holy Bondfire)
  • Top-notch Security with Vigilant Bouncers on Standby 24/7
  • A safe space for all genders

Getaway Schedule

You will start the journey at night from Delhi on 22nd December with 49 like-minded individuals. (Don’t worry! If you are an introvert, We’ll help you come out of your comfort zone and talk to the person who’ll sit next to you through our ice-breaking activities:))

We’ll reach Pushkar early in the morning. After you get done with the breakfast, we’ll conduct thoughtful community activities. The luxurious resort where you’ll be staying will be surrounded by nature. You can relax at the poolside, enjoy the calmness and serenity, and connect with others on the getaway (potential soulmates). We'll also go exploring some hidden gems.

We’ll go early for a meditation and mindfulness session by the Pushkar lake. There will be live artist performances arranged for you at the resort. At night, we'll sit around the ‘Holy Bondfire’ and engage in soulful music, dance and meaningful activities, share our vulnerabilities and release our suppressed emotions. You’ll remember this night your whole life. It'll be soothing.

On day 3, we'll go for a short plateau trek and enjoy the bird-eye view of this beautiful region, enjoy the mesmerising desert safari and witness the breath-taking desert sunset. We'll head back for Delhi by 7pm. And don't you worry, the Santa will show up with his surprises!